The University of Leeds’ Great War

Sir Alan Langlands, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds

“Legacies of War has looked at the profound effects the four years from 1914-18 had on people’s lives, as well as the fundamental changes they unleashed in almost every aspect of society – from art and culture through to science, technology and medicine.

“Excellent engagement projects with partners across Leeds and throughout Yorkshire have ensured a two-way flow of knowledge across a range of disciplines. As a University, we have also explored the diversity of roles performed by staff and students during the war.

“The rededicated Brotherton War Memorial provides a fitting and lasting commemoration.”

Project Leader Alison Fell, Professor of French Cultural History at the University of Leeds

“Researchers involved with the Legacies of War project are exploring different aspects of the First World War under five strands: Yorkshire and the War, War and Medicine, Art and Culture, Science and Technology, and Resistance to War. It is a valuable opportunity to collaborate not only with each other and with other First World War scholars, but with museums, schools, community groups, arts organisations, libraries and archives locally, nationally and internationally.

“It is right that the Centenary period is a time to remember those who died, and the devastation and suffering that the First World War – like all wars – left in its wake. But the anniversary is also a valuable opportunity for exploring the many ways in which people’s everyday lives were touched by the War.

“Rather than recycling myths and stereotypes, trying to understand the War in all its variation and complexity is a better way of paying tribute to the men, women and children who lived through it, or who died because of it.”

David Stowe has recently published an article based on his research for this project. See: ‘Legacies of War: The University of Leeds War Memorial’, in ‘Stand To’, the journal of the Western Front Association, No. 105, 2016.

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