Who am I by Chrissy Byrne

I became the girl, who helped in the war.
I became the girl, they told to be strong.
I became the girl, asked to wear the VAD uniform with pride.

I was the girl, who saw scars in minds as well as skin.
I was the girl, they told to think for yourself.
I was the girl, proud to be VAD.

I am the woman, who must now leave this place.
I am woman, they told to go back home to cakes and tea.
I am the woman, they want to return to the girl I was once before and forget the VAD.

Who am I as I strip the uniform of pride for silks and heels.
Who am I, now the war is over.
Who am I, not a VAD and not the child who helped in the war but a woman who saw the war with the same strength as men and boy .

– Chrissy Byrne