These Are The Reasons I Am Signing Up by Char March

Because it will upset my mother
Because my brother won’t
Because I won’t ever have to clean out the cows again
Because Pastor John will pray for me
Because Mary said those things last week
Because I’ll get two square meals a day
Because they bombed Scarborough
Because I don’t want a white feather
Because if I hear that cracked cockerel one more time I’ll strangle him
Because George and Harry and Sidney and Bill and Ralph and Tom and Horace are going
Because I want to hear different birdsong and wake up with a different view
Because the Kaiser seems a cocky sod
Because when will I ever get to France otherwise
Because soldiers get up to all sorts
Because French girls will be a damn sight easier than Mary
Because I want to have my own gun
Because I like shooting rabbits
Because the Hun are much worse than rabbits – and will be a damn sight easier to hit