These are the reasons for which I signed up by Chrissy Byrne

These are the reasons for which I signed up

I want to be free from the shackles of society.
I want to feel the breeze through my hair instead of it being scraped back in a bun.
I want to speak freely to whom I see fit.
I want to take full control of my life.
I want to see foreign lands.
I want to dirty my hands and not care, for there are more important things out there.
I want to be useful and meaningful and not to be sewing or cross-stitching.
I want to be alive and see other people from different walks of life.
I want to feel real emotion, even fear, and maybe the odd tear.
I want to capture all these memories on the internal rolls of film that fill the recesses of my mind.
I want to join the FANY’s brigade and stay out late, and not to eat cakes and tea whilst knitting until three.
I want excitement and thrill. I wish to choose a husband by myself and not be owned like a toy.
I want to be free so I can just be me.

By Chrissy Byrne