Shock and Horror by Chrissy Byrne

Shock and Horror

What did she say?
“Bed bath Corporal Higgins”, I repeated this to myself slowly.
I have never seen a man before, down below, and my mother will have a fit.
“What will it look like?”, I wonder, with a schoolgirl giggle.
I will avert my eyes from the sin of looking at him.
A lady in the presence of a naked man; this war has something to answer for!
I feel faint but I know I must remain steady and follow my orders with a sponge and a towel. I walk into the room and give a squeal.
I lather soap upon his skin and begin to rub him clean behind the screen.
He smiles a little oddly so I don’t know who’s more frightened, him or me.
I nibble my lip with nerves and begin to move lower still.
I get to the middle and skip a beat so I quite randomly move to his feet.
He lets out a sigh, a smile, and I know he’s enjoying me squirming.
I shout at myself in my head and say “Instead of dread get on with the job ahead”.
I take a peek rather slowly, oh so that’s what a man has down below.
I scrub it quick and take a breath, then declare in my head, “Well it’s not what I expected to see or maybe that’s just me”. A strange little thing with wrinkles galore and a mass of curls all coloured in red. Then I turned from the bed with a small grin of pride, now I am a woman in my stride. With that I walked away to the next gentleman’s bay.

By Chrissy Byrne