Out on a Limb by Chrissy Byrne

Out on a Limb

What will they think when I return home?
Half the man I was before this horrible war.
A man with no arm is no use to man or beast.
What a life I lived on my farm but no good missing an arm.
I can’t work the fields and shear the sheep or milk old Daisy, the cow.
What am I to do now?
What kind of life has Jerry left me with, and what will the missus think?
Will she look at me with pity in her eyes, and how am I to cuddle her at night?
These things swim around in my head; maybe they`d have been better leaving me for dead.
In the trenches I’d have died a hero`s death, instead I am left here to face this mess.
I mustn`t grumble or shed a tear for other men lay near.
I must be a man and carry on.
Adapt to this way of life and hope it doesn`t frighten the wife.
Pray to have sons to lighten the load that she is left with.
I wonder if the doctor can make me an arm.
That’d be grand to hear and help me move on when I leave here.

By Chrissy Byrne