I Want To Touch Your Clothes, I Want To Kiss Your Photos by Lian Puii Chhing, Leeds Survivors’ Poets

When I hold your picture on my hand
I feel you are standing beside me
and have conversation.
I want to touch and read your papers,
when I read your letter, my hand is shaking,
until I finish the last part,
because I worry to hear
unwanted bad news.
I had a big breathing and release
when nothing bad news to hear.

After you went to France
our house very quiet without you,
our family lives as living in
a lonely planet
without living creature.
Only we can hear and feel
the sound of wine.

All people in the country feels like
funeral day. No-one exciting
about anything.
All around everywhere is quiet
and just like no-one has nothing to say.
We look at each other without saying,
but we understand how we feeling.

All the servants also they feel the same
we all quiet during the dining room.
After dinner, everyone goes to their own room.

I hope you are safe by God
and the job is well done,
and feeling the warm welcome in there,
and I hope you will find friend
and company over there.
I hope you will come home safe
and bring home a victorious banner.