A Man Of War by Chrissy Byrne

I drift in and out of hallucinations in a dream like state.
Battles take place, darkened skies with blistering lights of gold and red.
I see only death before me.

Angels dressed in white, bathing my head as I toss and turn in the prince’s room.
My pains, I cannot take any more, morphine injections keep me numb so I cannot feel my leg.
I wake screaming, wet with sweat the fever takes its toll.

A small child dances around my bed in a miniature wedding dress.
She flutters here, there, then through a secret door and rosary beads trail on the floor.
I see her again in my lucid dreams but then I see stranger people passing me.

The fever starts to break; infection has taken my foot and now I am left with a stump.
I try to converse with the Flemish man in the chair but he just smiles and nods.
I ask the VAD if the fancy dress  is real and she smiles and disappear.
I sit and write letters  home. I will be glad when the war is won then I can go home to my son.