Dr Claudia Sternberg

Legacies of War related research interests

I am interested in the specific ways in which the experience of the First World War has been represented symbolically and aesthetically in different media and at different times in history. My research has focused specifically on film and television and covers the period from the war years to the present day. I am concerned with memory culture in Britain as well as the relationship between war, media and collective memory in more general terms.

Broader Research interests

My background is in literary, film and television studies with an emphasis on British and American cultural production in general and multicultural Britain in particular. I mainly work on audiovisual productions and address questions of identity, history and memory, predominantly in the context of British Jewish, Black and Asian migratory and diasporic experiences. More recently, my focus has been on the intersections of different diasporas across Europe.

I am interested in working with the following:

  • Film and television representations of the First World War (from the 1910s to the 2000s)
  • Colonial and minority ethnic experiences of the First World War
  • First World War memory cultures and ethnic/national/cultural difference
  • Methodological and theoretical frameworks: representational analysis; ethnography; cultural historiography; cultural, film and postcolonial theory; narratology.

For projects and collaborations within the Legacies of War Culture and the Arts strand, please see the Culture and the Arts page