There are a variety of people involved with the Legacies of War project, including academics at the University of Leeds who conduct research on various aspects of the First World War, colleagues associated to the University who are involved with work and research related to the First World War, and a project officer supporting the activity. Their specific interests, research and involvement are outlined on their staff pages. As more people become involved with this project, we hope to feature them on our website.

The Executive committee meets regularly and consists of Professor Alison Fell, Professor Simon Ball, Dr Claudia Sternberg, Dr Kate Vigurs, Dr Jessica Meyer, Gareth Dant, and Cate Walker and Lucy Moore from Leeds City Council.

Alexia Moncrieff
Professor Alison Fell
Dr Claudia Sternberg
Dr Jessica Meyer
Professor Holger Afflerbach
Professor Graeme Gooday
Cyril Pearce
Professor Ingrid Sharp

Undergraduate Research Scholars

The Undergraduate Research & Leaderships (UGRL) scholarship scheme gives our exceptional first year students an opportunity to transform their degree and their future as a Leeds graduate.

Since 2009 Undergraduate Research & Leadership scholarships have been awarded to first-year students to undertake a supervised research project. Projects have been designed to offer academic challenges and the chance to work independently and creatively in collaboration with various educational and cultural partners of the University of Leeds.

Five scholarships have been awarded to students working on WWI, with topics including Letters and Diaries of French Soldiers (Julia Bowler, 2009); The Religious Experience of Soldiers (Katie Simpson, 2012); conscientious objectors (Emily Jones, 2013) The Linguistic Legacy of the Great War (Amelia Woolner, 2013) and Yorkshire in the Great War (James Eames, 2012).

The scholarships are funded through the Alumni Annual Fund, supported by donations from former students and friends of the University of Leeds. Find out more about our scholars and their research at: