Women engineers in the Great War and after.

Women Engineers in the Great War and after

Science Museum, Director’s Suite, London 23rd April 2016

Women’s professional participation in UK engineering began in earnest during the First World War. The Women’s Engineering Society was set up in 1919 to sustain this initiative during peacetime.
This event aims to raise awareness of early women engineers in Britain and to share knowledge of how they worked together.

This free event will include open discussions, practical activities, and an opportunity to plan for events to mark the Women’s Engineering Society centenary in 2019; it will also highlight historical resources available in the archives of the Institution of Engineering & Technology and of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

In order to sustain this initiative there are future events planned to increase public awareness of women engineers in the Great War and after. If you have ideas or would like to be on our mailing list please contact womenengineersww1@gmail.com and see our twitter page @WomenEngWW1

This event is sponsored by the University of Kent Gateways to the First World War project; the University of Leeds Legacies of War project, The Science Museum, and the Women’s Engineering Society.

Registration is now closed for this event but you can listen to a recording of the event by downloading the audio files below and downloading the PowerPoint slides here.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3